How Selling A Car Nearly Got Me Killed | Your Car Stories

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This week, we read out a brutal car jacking story, discuss cheap investment cars and find out what happens when you commit insurance fraud!

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  1. Nark Mallinger u garden tool
    Nark Mallinger u garden tool
    преди месец

    The jealous of us so they want to kill us the car is just like a excuse

  2. Emin
    преди месец

    Actually VAG means or meant "Volkswagen Audi Group" or "Volkswagen Audi Gemeinschaft". What meant is the long version of "VW AG".

  3. Shuriken Cookies
    Shuriken Cookies
    преди 2 месеца

    The Skoda Fabia vRS is my favourite car I would love to own one someday

  4. CozmoGaming
    преди 3 месеца

    a few of my mates had/have skoda fab vrs' and they are fucking quick, especially with small mods, they are sick cars

  5. manofsheerawsomness
    преди 3 месеца

    England reminds me of where america will be if we embrace socialism when it comes to things like taxes and car laws / highways.

  6. Jamie Parker
    Jamie Parker
    преди 3 месеца

    I got a story about car jacking from a school friends father he was south african and was involved with the diamond trade, got held up for his Bentley and handed it over as it was better that than the half a million pound diamond in his pocket, he lost 2 Bentleys that year he had one stolen from his drive in the UK as well

  7. Rayaan Moazzam
    Rayaan Moazzam
    преди 3 месеца

    Back in 2014 my uncle was selling his 2011 Silver Mercedes E Class Saloon. Two guys came and pretended to be interested in purchasing the car. One was in the car and my uncle was negotiating on the price with the other guy. Then bam. He pulled out a knife but luckily he dodged it. He snatched the key and drove off. This happened in London in Ealing and the car was never found

  8. stewie 250
    stewie 250
    преди 3 месеца

    VW golf mk3.5 cabriolet are on the value rise

  9. Noodle22767
    преди 3 месеца

    Gotta say, it's strange seeing my name on your knob.

  10. Fraser B
    Fraser B
    преди 3 месеца

    Disappointed that you didn't recommend an FN2 Type R for the hot hatch requirement, quality hot hatch.

  11. Jamshaid Hameed
    Jamshaid Hameed
    преди 3 месеца

    Wonder how may people who work for Highways England are watching this podcast 😂

  12. oliver mansfield
    oliver mansfield
    преди 3 месеца

    Here's a plan, keep the hard shoulder and up the speed limit to 85 to "ease congestion"

  13. JensenPGATourDriven
    преди 3 месеца

    Hi guys , awesome content really enjoy watching your vidz !! #liveinlockdown, Ps : DID you ever get your Lego Land Rover defender built !! 👊

  14. spyburn007
    преди 3 месеца

    Original fiesta ST, 2L. Shitbox but good

  15. Julian Arellano
    Julian Arellano
    преди 3 месеца

    you guys are funny, can be near each other but not in the van together.

  16. BOAC
    преди 3 месеца

    The second it got to 'suzuki, rwd' I knew what Alex was thinking :))

  17. Mustachio's Motovlogs
    Mustachio's Motovlogs
    преди 3 месеца

    Theory: "Smart" motorways actually aim to ease congestion by killing or emotionally scarring enough drivers to persuade them into never taking the motorway again.

  18. Mark
    преди 3 месеца

    I honestly never wore my seat belt while being in the rear of a vehicle, the front I buckled up. I Decided for my safety I would start buckling up every time a few months ago only takes a few seconds for your life to be saved and have many more years of life to come.

  19. newfiesmum
    преди 3 месеца

    A couple of things occur to me. Firstly, why assume older drivers with FAR more experience than a 31 year old, would have a car that hasn't got the gadgets? Personally, I'd rather not have the gadgets; I have been driving for 50 years and I don't need them. But I do like a nice car. Another thing that occurs is the smart motorway thing. I had never heard of them until recently, and now I think they must have been invented by someone with the brains of a turnip. A vast majority of drivers don't even notice a road sign; they are not going to notice a big red cross floating above a motorway lane.

  20. Dan Moran
    Dan Moran
    преди 3 месеца

    Top tip Alex, wrap your keys in tinfoil. It blocks the signal completely and stops people from stealing the car using a signal repeater.

  21. b0redom
    преди 3 месеца

    Future classic shitbox; Citroen C3 Pluriel, won't make you money at all though.

  22. Andy Genner
    Andy Genner
    преди 3 месеца

    Traffic light? Gareth? You mean robot

  23. AsdaTrollys
    преди 3 месеца

    So the car theft button, I reckon it would be great if the button activated a tracker, locked the doors and windows, and cut power. Granted they might just break the window but if not law enforcement could just go get them

  24. William Bilverstone
    William Bilverstone
    преди 3 месеца

    My dad's range rover hybrid the engine practically melted it became a mechanical write off

  25. Danny Jones
    Danny Jones
    преди 3 месеца

    I know “Alan” said a hot hatch for around 4-5k but perhaps a left wing choice to be completely different but for the same performance you’d get with a lot more torque and many more MPG e92 330d, very tuneable indeed and more torque than you’ll ever need, or maybe a 330cd e46 but more rust.

  26. strbst
    преди 4 месеца

    Use Dummy clips working inside road closures when your jumping in and out the van

  27. N H
    N H
    преди 4 месеца

    When Ethan said “Is it blue?” I spat out my coffee, fantastic.👍🤣

  28. Sam M
    Sam M
    преди 4 месеца

    I get peeved off when I sell say a PS4 on eBay and they mess you around for the fun of it, let alone a 28k? M4.. he must be heaving about it. Feel for him

  29. Talex 0211
    Talex 0211
    преди 4 месеца

    Some say alex still doesn't understand the Thesaurus joke.

  30. Big Dave
    Big Dave
    преди 4 месеца

    SMART motorways are not about road safety they are purely designed to increase revenue, the M20 is a notorious for being "activated" advertising obstructions that dont exist, the M23 is activated as and when they feel like making a few quid. the whole "safety" aspect is just a vale to cover this. The M23 Smart extension was originally meant to be done as part of the 2012 olypmics - over ran, then extended, they finally did the "SMART" bit that over ran and the average speed check zone was used for another 6 months during the lockdown just to get some money for the government. total con, I do a journey between Brighton and kent for the last 8 years, journey time is 20 mins longer since the SMART motorways were introduced across the M23, M25 and M20, traffic and congestion is disgusting, better to invest in teaching people not to sit in the outer two lanes!

  31. Henry Kravitz
    Henry Kravitz
    преди 4 месеца

    When i was learning to drive i had 3 white van drivers keep there distance when i was driving and left a space when i was at a junction, other people were right up behind in a 30/40 mph zones

  32. Claire Marie
    Claire Marie
    преди 4 месеца

    Jack, good man for running that Saab! Won't let you down 😉😎

  33. Andrew Last
    Andrew Last
    преди 4 месеца

    Fabia vRS 1.9 130bhp diesel .... I don't see the fascination with it.

  34. Speedystig
    преди 4 месеца

    This podcast cease to understand anything outside of VAG BMW or Mazda

  35. Archie Grove
    Archie Grove
    преди 4 месеца

    Vrs fabia try 3000

  36. Madonkey
    преди 4 месеца

    14:33 Where you get those binoculars Gareth?

  37. ibra
    преди 4 месеца

    front wheel drive xdrive s3😂😂😂😂

  38. Richard Baron (Venom R)
    Richard Baron (Venom R)
    преди 4 месеца

    Gym looks great, very fresh :).

  39. Iain Ansell (vic)
    Iain Ansell (vic)
    преди 4 месеца

    the highways agency are f***ing useless.. the amount of times the m25 variable speed limit is set to 40mph for10 junctions and there no roadworks or anything happening on the m25, in the early hours of the morning, is a feckin joke... I'm an emergency callout engineer and it really pisses me off..

  40. Junaid JDM
    Junaid JDM
    преди 4 месеца

    I own a mk1 fabia vrs with some tasteful mods and it's one of the best daily's I've had

  41. MrSluby
    преди 4 месеца

    Just wondering why you guys say Mk5 golf but never seat cupra (ko4) or Skoda Octavia vrs (same car but bigger and about 2/3k cheaper. (Own an Octavia, tuned it a bit, goes like stink and loads of room).

  42. Lane Sandburg
    Lane Sandburg
    преди 4 месеца

    i love the mk2 focus st and really wish we could have had them in the US

    1. Lane Sandburg
      Lane Sandburg
      преди 4 месеца

      @Andrew Last I could always make my own I guess of course we didn't get the mk2 hatch so it'll be a tad different

    2. Andrew Last
      Andrew Last
      преди 4 месеца

      Glad you like the car. I've had my Mk2.5 Focus ST for nearly 7 years (my second one) & 4 years on one before that. It wasn't a global car until the Mk3 which was the same around the world. USA had the Mk1 pretty much the same as UK but then went a bit different for a while. There are Mk2 RS's in USA so you an still have the same 5-cyl engine, just a bit better.

  43. OriginalOwner777
    преди 4 месеца

    The 2001 fiesta freestyle will go masively up in time. Just like the Siera Saphire was the fastest siera cosworth the fiesta freestyle was the fastest of the older model fiesta st.

  44. meriton berisha
    meriton berisha
    преди 4 месеца

    I love Gareth, feel like he goes unappreciated.

    1. Adeel M
      Adeel M
      преди 4 месеца

      Yh adds another dynamic to the poddy

  45. ollieb81
    преди 4 месеца

    I know you havent named the car supermarket. This is dissapointing as I feel any company that treats an employee like that, doesn't deserve any future customers.

  46. Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen
    преди 4 месеца

    +1 for the classical reference. I studied Darius and Xerxes in Greek at school.

  47. Ross Adam
    Ross Adam
    преди 4 месеца

    Remember when jack got pushed along sideways by a lorry ahaha wtf

  48. Henry Rolt
    Henry Rolt
    преди 4 месеца

    I realise this won't be popular, but being strongly anti smart motorway is completely illogical and requires at least some misunderstanding of road risk. You have the same risk of being killed per mile travelled on a smart vs conventional motorway. You are three times more likely to be killed per mile travelled on an A road. Is anyone campaigning to ban A roads? No. Do smart motorways increase capacity of the motorway network to prevent traffic re-routing onto higher risk A roads? Yes. Source

  49. Justin Hedrick
    Justin Hedrick
    преди 4 месеца

    He’s gonna roll up with a different M4

  50. Batman WanaBe
    Batman WanaBe
    преди 4 месеца

    I have a fabia vrs special edition and a standard silver one that I want to sell.....😉

  51. Calum MacKenzie
    Calum MacKenzie
    преди 4 месеца

    Microwave makes a good farady cage, just don't turn it on with your keys inside.

  52. Simon Wilson
    Simon Wilson
    преди 4 месеца

    Taxi Drives are exempt from wearing a seat belt, i believe that there have been cases of drivers being choked by their belt......

  53. Steven Hanley
    Steven Hanley
    преди 4 месеца

    Gareth ive got 23k here for your BMW. Hold out yer hand.

  54. Carl Cassidy
    Carl Cassidy
    преди 4 месеца

    They've gotta keep building them so their mates can syphon off some public money. Standard cronyism.

  55. K2o
    преди 4 месеца

    I had a Fabia VRS many moons ago

  56. George Adams
    George Adams
    преди 4 месеца

    54:25 - following on from Alex's story about the Taxi driver in Prague who wouldn't wear a seat belt. I've heard that in a lot of European countries (especially in Eastern European / EX USSR /etc) that it's offensive to Taxi drivers to wear a seat belt whilst riding with them. Like it's suggesting that you don't trust them.

  57. ibra
    преди 4 месеца

    south africa just sounds like one big GTA server

  58. Julian Bell
    Julian Bell
    преди 4 месеца

    The ultimate hot hatch under 5 grand must be the EP3

  59. George Austers
    George Austers
    преди 4 месеца

    Agreed Alex... I have a 130i

  60. N Squareroot (NextSquareRoot)
    N Squareroot (NextSquareRoot)
    преди 4 месеца

    Insurance companies are professional scammers. Their whole business model is based on fraud.

  61. Magician Lorenzo
    Magician Lorenzo
    преди 4 месеца

    I think it'd be cool to see you and Car Thought do a video working on/talking about his MX5 Mk3

  62. Kim Thomas
    Kim Thomas
    преди 4 месеца

    306 Rallye for a grand lol

  63. Abhiditya Singh
    Abhiditya Singh
    преди 4 месеца

    If there any car company name Mahindra or Tata then try theirs car and upload video

  64. Evan Hughes
    Evan Hughes
    преди 4 месеца

    Did the audio guy forget to turn the reverb off 😂

  65. Jigsjigz
    преди 4 месеца

    Ive been saying that about smart motorways since before they put them in. drove on them daily and avoided and saw 1st hand how bad they are... ive been lucky so far but yeah now i kind of lane hog 2 and 3, hardly ever use the inside lanes anymore due to so many accidents.

  66. NorbsWS
    преди 4 месеца

    I wear seatbelts. But, how dare you to criticize people for not wearing seatbelts, it’s their life. Seatbelts shouldn’t be mandatory.

  67. Lks112201918
    преди 4 месеца

    Ethan's right, Xerxes I was indeed the son of Darius I. Cool reference

  68. squid's don't have ankles
    squid's don't have ankles
    преди 4 месеца

    Ngl, I think that P plates should be mandatory for at least 3 months

  69. T Green
    T Green
    преди 4 месеца

    Sounds like the guy worked for the car shop mega store. An absolute shit show when it comes to people management.

  70. Paul Sheehan
    Paul Sheehan
    преди 4 месеца

    Is Gareth wearing 18 jumpers?

  71. Kieran Nash
    Kieran Nash
    преди 4 месеца

    Can the next car that the guys buy for Alex be a Nissan Figaro??

  72. Nigel Marumahoko
    Nigel Marumahoko
    преди 4 месеца

    Compare the meerkat 😂

  73. Wade Crile
    Wade Crile
    преди 4 месеца

    The unnamed car supermarket is obviously carmax

  74. Dylan Bloomfield
    Dylan Bloomfield
    преди 4 месеца

    Gareth I live in York, I could go to his house if u want 😂

  75. Ian Edmonds
    Ian Edmonds
    преди 4 месеца

    I speak bleep. The name is Farquar. Luv and Peace.

  76. Pro Tune HD
    Pro Tune HD
    преди 4 месеца

    car insurance is a fucking rip off

  77. Steven Quarrell
    Steven Quarrell
    преди 4 месеца

    That Likewise joke was underrated

  78. 44 YAM x
    44 YAM x
    преди 4 месеца

    Isnt it lock down?

  79. Hannah Millington
    Hannah Millington
    преди 4 месеца

    Smart motorways were created by some committee that probably don't have a driving licence between them

  80. SundayWarship
    преди 4 месеца

    Alex, if you've got a microwave oven, you DO have a Faraday cage

  81. DroneBoy
    преди 4 месеца

    Gareth drinks out of the bottle like Donald Trump 😂🤣😂🍶

  82. Speedystig
    преди 4 месеца

    The "smart motorways" on the M62 up north have a permanent X in lane 1 now I'm glad to say , the next best thing they can do is turn the bloody signs off saying 40 when there's no congestion!!!

  83. BU CKO
    BU CKO
    преди 4 месеца

    Enyone get roddny trotter vibes off ethan

  84. xUsuSx
    преди 4 месеца

    Is it red? Yes Is it the royal mail lorry? Yes

  85. Rampage “the sneaky”
    Rampage “the sneaky”
    преди 4 месеца

    nah he should have stolen 250pounds worth of stuff from his job. aint nobody gona steal money from my paycheck and get away with it. fuck it i whould have stolen shit for 500pounds just becaus fuck that employer

  86. Calum240
    преди 4 месеца

    38:22 put the key in the microwave👍🏻

  87. Alfie Forrest
    Alfie Forrest
    преди 4 месеца

    They are still building them! they're fucking up the whole of Southampton doing a smart motorway conversion! KILL ME NOW

  88. Perci
    преди 4 месеца

    fabia was my first car! not the VRS, 1.2 ambiente (60hp shitbox) I loved it! had a Volvo v40 afterwords which I just hated and never connected with, bought a mk2 fabia 14 plate Monte Carlo (facelift diffuser, spoiler, rims, etc) 1.2 again, however its a tsi so around 110 bhp and it really licks when you get higher up in the revs, looking to get either the fabia or superb ESTATE next!

  89. Bos
    преди 4 месеца

    44:30 Leon mk1 cupra (r)

  90. Crimbly Crimbo
    Crimbly Crimbo
    преди 4 месеца

    You can also get the same engine from the golf in an Audi A3 which I have, they're actually cheaper as well from that era so definitely a good shout

  91. JW | M0VCX
    JW | M0VCX
    преди 4 месеца

    Can't figure this out, they have Martins Van, turned it into a Mobile Studio for Podcasting, they could rock up somewhere and sit outside van spaced out and use van as back drop, power supply, lighting etc. Don't let it go to waste be more creative with it.

  92. vishan madas
    vishan madas
    преди 4 месеца

    Can you please make a video about your DIY truck please

  93. Elliot
    преди 4 месеца

    A got a Fabia VRS about a year ago for a daily, they are ok. I only paid about £800 for mine. They will start to go up soon as lots of them have crazy mileage now or have been modified badly

  94. Jacobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    преди 4 месеца

    I know absolutely nothing about cars but cant stay away from this channel

  95. DappaDon Dave
    DappaDon Dave
    преди 4 месеца

    Smart Roadster lads, bargain buy!

  96. Sam H
    Sam H
    преди 4 месеца

    This is why all the ubers in SA are pieces of crap. Tourist advice - get the cheapest uber.

  97. Epic Gaming
    Epic Gaming
    преди 4 месеца

    Where the podcast van

    преди 4 месеца

    the AG in VAG means its a limited company, others own shares in vag and the owners are not responsible for debt of the company to put it simply

  99. Hanif Kardan
    Hanif Kardan
    преди 4 месеца

    To Ethan, as a Persian I was very impressed with your reference to Darius and Xerxes

  100. Revolutions88
    преди 4 месеца

    VAG OVER BMW any day