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This week on the Car Throttle Podcast, we're joined by DannyDC2 to discuss the dangers of left-foot braking and what to do if you lock yourself in your own car.
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  1. Greg Felix
    Greg Felix
    преди 9 дни

    And the next instalment of Car Throttle podcast… bgvideo.info/manage/video/pHVvyl_bqJ56uc8.html

  2. Andrew Last
    Andrew Last
    преди 10 дни

    I tried left foot braking once on a quiet road ..... nearly went through the windscreen. You tend to just put your foot down on the clutch with no finesse but use the right foot carefully on the brake. Also with a manual car and left foot braking, you need a 3rd foot to use the clutch. Never trying that again. Even in my old E46 M3 SMG, i still right foot braked and left the left foot on the foot rest all the time.

  3. Limp Shady
    Limp Shady
    преди 12 дни

    I practiced left foot braking in a 01 dodge ram slt with a 318, also another 318 but single cab and a 360 4wd ram all on public roads, not really any reason why I learned it other than wanting to do it, now that I have a FF layout car I actually have a purpose to left foot brake now 😂

  4. michael cianci
    michael cianci
    преди 16 дни

    that left foot braking story is BS there is no way he stabbed the clutch with his right foot while his left was on the brake

  5. Richard France
    Richard France
    преди 17 дни

    If I was stuck in my own car I'd break the windscreen. They are cheaper than side windows.

  6. Carl Cassidy
    Carl Cassidy
    преди 20 дни

    The cycle lane argument is exactly why the road and cycle lane should be separated by a concrete partition like in most other European cities Alex; sorry to say, it's not illegal to cycle on the road, especially when there's no safe cycle lane. If there's a cycle lane or path, and someone cycles on the pavement, who isn't with their kid, then you're a d*ck

  7. Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen
    преди 22 дни

    I think DannyDC2's dry humour is a great addition to the podcast.

  8. decobyrne106
    преди 23 дни

    When is the next podcast?

  9. Matt P
    Matt P
    преди 23 дни

    What about other restomods like the Cyan Racing P1800 or Alfaholics GTA for your dream garage? Or some more classic cars like a datsun 240z or E30 M3?

  10. yeahitskimmel
    преди 24 дни

    Rewatching cuz we didn't get another this Monday

  11. Sean Q
    Sean Q
    преди 26 дни

    Corolla t sport 6th and final drive??

  12. dasfabelwesen
    преди 26 дни

    The emergency break feature is great. When you do high speeds it is not always easy to see how fast the car in front of you is breaking. That helps especially to show the car behind you to break earlier and avoid accidents even if the car in front of you breaks very hard.

  13. Dave
    преди 26 дни

    "Autopilot is a driver aid" bgvideo.info/manage/video/ont-mZeq0aGrz5g.html

  14. Eoin McCormack
    Eoin McCormack
    преди 27 дни

    Shaking with withdrawals waiting for the next episode

    1. Eoin McCormack
      Eoin McCormack
      преди 26 дни

      @Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia heartbreaking

    2. Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
      Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
      преди 26 дни

      Why they never tell us if there is not going to be an episode... :(

  15. Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
    преди 27 дни

    Why no podcast this week? Why why why??? :(

  16. Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
    Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
    преди 27 дни

    C'mon this week's podcast!

  17. Ljs_adventure
    преди 27 дни

    Please Jack. Tell me you got her number :-D

  18. CT is infant grade content now
    CT is infant grade content now
    преди 28 дни

    Lot of crap. Ditch these podcasts

    1. Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
      Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
      преди 27 дни

      This is the best thing on the channel!

  19. Lint
    преди 28 дни

    Here’s an unpopular opinion. Over the past few years I’ve noticed an increase of bad/inconsiderate drivers, predominantly driving large 4X4’s or cross overs. I’m not saying all 4X4 or cross over drivers are bad or inconsiderate, but the predominant of the bad/inconsiderate drivers tend to drive them. Do bad drivers deliberately drive big cars or does driving a bigger car make you a worse driver?

    1. Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
      Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
      преди 27 дни

      Non-car people tend to choose cars like SUVs and Crossdressers.

  20. Blackhawkso
    преди 28 дни

    Timestamps 0:00 - Start 0:05 - Intro 0:30 - Guest welcome 0:47 - Sponsor spot 1:21 - What have we been up to? 1:22 - Danny 5:28 - Alex 8:18 - Jack 11:14 - Ethan 14:31 - Ethan's section 19:41 - Grands my gears - Cyclists - John 25:35 - Car Story - Left foot braking - Ian 34:15 - Grand my gears - Adaptive cruise control - Tim 43:06 - Question - Dream car garage - Jason 49:32 - Car advice - £3000 Road trip car - Sam 53:45 - Car Story - Locked inside the car - David 1:07:16 - Wrapup

  21. Rob Johnston
    Rob Johnston
    преди 29 дни

    If I'm working on any car I always have the drivers window lowered in case it deadlocks

  22. Alan Rafferty
    Alan Rafferty
    преди месец

    Alex, the Tesla car crash DID NOT involve Autopilot. The car didn't even have the Autopilot option. You might want to update that, before Tesla drag you into court🤣

  23. Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody
    преди месец

    I started off using left foot braking naturally and the instructor made me change :/ Angry Scottish women she was.

  24. Ton To
    Ton To
    преди месец

    You’re not Jeremy clerk son far better get on

  25. The Seasoned Racer
    The Seasoned Racer
    преди месец

    1:00:40 Alex, I've Never heard of a McLaren MC12-4C, I'm Disappointed, you should know that MC12 Is a Maserati, and the McLaren you were borrowing was an MP4-12C. Cheers Anyways and Acknowledge the mistake before somebody turns it into a meme.

  26. OneShot Gaming
    OneShot Gaming
    преди месец

    Wheres the podcast van

  27. przemoczat1
    преди месец

    Im not done with this pod yet, but I’ve checked out Dany’a channel and there is a Jazz with a bloody K24 swap. That’s something Ethan should look at!

  28. Ashley Hamman
    Ashley Hamman
    преди месец

    I've only driven automatics as of yet but started doing left foot braking pretty early on since I think it's too easy to mix up whether my foot is on gas or brake. My parents noticed pretty quickly how my response time and general smoothness improved dramatically. I hope this doesn't end up being terrible for me whenever I get a manual.

  29. Clunk
    преди месец

    I got locked into my mk3 astra when I went out one morning, got in the car, turned the key and the car deadlocked. The battery was flat. The kids had a habit of turning on the interior lights in the back, and I often didn't notice. I managed to get the passenger window down by repeatedly turning on and off the ignition while holding the button down. The neighbour sat there staring at me like I was a moron.

  30. Aidan Cooper
    Aidan Cooper
    преди месец

    I'll find some time between my many, many uni deadlines to try and update the spreadsheet. Glad you agree with the ones mentioned though!

  31. Steven Howard
    Steven Howard
    преди месец

    Alex the Delica is a shout, my parents had a super exceed model when I was younger, it was an absolute unit.

  32. Sergiu
    преди месец

    :) On a VW Transporter (21 plate) I rented to pick up a 2.5 Volvo engine for my Focus ST the adaptive cruice control distance can be adjusted and also the Transporter also accelerate as soon as I changed lane. It's quite good.

  33. George Ratcliffe
    George Ratcliffe
    преди месец

    You didn't tell the story about Jack and the royal mail lorry like you said you would after the story of Alex in the frunk

  34. George Ratcliffe
    George Ratcliffe
    преди месец

    For the 4000 mile trip, buy an Octavia vrs diesel estate

  35. Mr.B.D Beesley
    Mr.B.D Beesley
    преди месец

    Ethans mismatched socks, hahahaha

  36. Patrick martin
    Patrick martin
    преди месец

    The only adaptive cruise control system I’ve ever used (in a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica) leaves like a 1/2 a car length gap on the smallest setting.

  37. Nick Lylak
    Nick Lylak
    преди месец

    Kudos to Ethan for wearing odd socks for mental health awareness week 🧦 👀

  38. SMC Detailing
    SMC Detailing
    преди месец

    You know you can turn ACC and Lane assist off when driving right? Exactly. Stop bitching about it 🤣

  39. Tim collins
    Tim collins
    преди месец

    With reference to the seat buckle, Car Throttle Car Survival & tips would be a great show. Also any Roasting of rides on the horizon? Cheers lads

  40. The Godparents
    The Godparents
    преди месец

    I might be kinda late but where’s Gareth?

  41. stewal
    преди месец

    Ethan is so right: try doing a podcast without mentioning BMW's over and over and over........

    1. CT is infant grade content now
      CT is infant grade content now
      преди 25 дни

      BMW are the biggest junk heaps on earth and always have been, even E30s were unreliable crap that could not withstand harsh driving for more than about a week. Many long term subs told them to quit it with the bmw talk and with the podcasts about a year ago yet they ignored them. They are all gone from the comments now and have been replaced with 10yr old kids. They don't seem to be getting any more subs and their views are absolutely tanking but still.... they talk about BMW. I personally know about 5 people who no longer watch this mob and effectively laugh at the Car Throttle name anytime they hear it. Also, they litteraly have no idea about cars🤣

  42. Nigel Marumahoko
    Nigel Marumahoko
    преди месец

    Lane assist is like fighting for power! 😂😂😂😂😩😩😩😩

  43. vlenhoff
    преди месец

    Good stuff.

  44. Official Shafi
    Official Shafi
    преди месец

    When is 2 guys 1 car returning?

  45. El Magnifico
    El Magnifico
    преди месец

    peanut butter cup sausage doritos with Cadbury egg on top car panini

  46. Callum Brown
    Callum Brown
    преди месец

    dOnT tRy ThIs At HoMe

  47. ar1g3
    преди месец

    Car advice this week is a missed opportunity. What about a Passat or a Skoda Superb? Cheaper, better, ...

  48. Marc de
    Marc de
    преди месец

    Great stuff guys...but FFS you’re even getting crypto scammers in the chats n comments...they’re everywhere so please people be very wary especially newbies in the crypto space as it’s unregulated and full of manipulative mofo whales but also scamming bar stewards like the few I’ve reported here....stay safe...never give anyone your private keys on crypto...same with ya car...would you give a stranger the keys to your beloved car!? No, me neither! I’ve got a fiat coupe 20VT Plus...actually got three, sssshhhh....ffs!!😂🙏❤️. Great podcast...Danny funny as...

  49. Frank larry
    Frank larry
    преди месец

    Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

    1. Avva Weatherman
      Avva Weatherman
      преди месец

      Seeing Alot of success stories, he's must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.

    2. Anthony Pareño
      Anthony Pareño
      преди месец

      I met Mr David for the first time at a conference in manchester i invested £25,000 and traded in one month making close to £143,670

    3. Roxaly
      преди месец

      I've got 12th winning thanks to Mr David , he's really the best , I have made £16,200 in 18 days of working with him

    4. Davis O'Neill
      Davis O'Neill
      преди месец

      I'm from UK 🇬🇧 i and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our Investment, thanks Expert David

    5. Maria Lissa
      Maria Lissa
      преди месец

      My first Investment with Mr David gave me the assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing , i got four of my friends involved with him already

  50. James Drobik
    James Drobik
    преди месец

    Anyone thinking of leaving a note just do it! I had my eye on an immaculate black 2005 E46 330i coupe for just over 6 years, finally in a position to get a second car and it was replaced by a brand new 218 active tourer 🤮 Bet they got mugged off on trade in too!

  51. SPGM1903
    преди месец

    I practice left foot braking and at my point it's not that hard to learn. Especially when driving automatic. But on manual - only in cornering in front wheel drive. And I think it works fine, unless I remember which kind of traction do I drive. Yes, everyone has to meet on a windshield at least once - just to remember :P But no matter how hard you step on brake, it's no t even close to bus' pneumatic drum brakes :P BUT - left foot braking saved my ass so many times in cornering or fast changing directions. For example: in march '17 sudden cloud arrived and send to ground a few centimeters of fresh slippery snow. Imagine those sunday drivers - driving slow, some of them being outed to the shoulder of the road. And a few guys that drive cars for money and know hot to do it. Anyway, I wish someday to have enough money to be at least once on Nurburburgring as a driver. At least once. Not only test abilities on RF2, GT6 or beamng (sticky bois, those barriers)...

  52. Yan Coker
    Yan Coker
    преди месец

    Tip = Learn left foot braking in an AUTO.. Till it's perfected...

  53. Aaron O'connor
    Aaron O'connor
    преди месец

    Danny to make a regular appearance more often! great content lads keep up the good work!

  54. D Bassi
    D Bassi
    преди месец

    You can easily turn the lane assist off on the bmw. Press the button on the dash with the car and a green circle around it. The options are in there 👍🏽. The lane assist is terrible on the bmw.

  55. A-Migos
    преди месец

    I did exactly the same thing, luckily there was no one behind me and luckily I realised what I did before I came to a complete stop 😂

  56. ProfessorShroom
    преди месец

    I just think cyclists shouldn't be undertaking at lights because all the cars that have just overtaken them have to overtake them again, just stay in your spot at the lights

  57. dannyboio37
    преди месец

    People who find adaptive cruise control annoying just can't use it properly. It's funny you say that even on its lowest settings it's still too far away from the car in frount of you, when I reality is actually the legal safe distance of 2 seconds. The problem is is most people drive like dicks and drive far to close so they do find it to far away. As for BMW they don't have stuff like that unless you pay through the nose for it, where most other cars will come with it standard 😂. ACC is awesome if you know how to use it

  58. Josh Maddren
    Josh Maddren
    преди месец

    Wow outstanding Alex 🤣 been listening since episode 1 "so unpopular opinions " have evolved alot since then

  59. Rhys Blaney
    Rhys Blaney
    преди месец

    Also, with regards to getting out of a locked car, the headrests have pointy bottoms which are specifically designed to smash glass. The seatbelt buckle should work but it isn't ideal.

  60. Sir Robson
    Sir Robson
    преди месец

    In Switzerland, the first 3 cars at a red light are advised to move to the right (left for you) if you are going to take a turn to that side so no bicycles can get next to you.

  61. Cashmeister96
    преди месец

    If it can be driven it is a car. If it cannot drive due to say the engine being seized it is still a car but would need to be labeled as a "broken car" but still a car as it has everything needed to drive and run and do car things. If it cannot drive or run then it is not a car. Excluding the above point of being broken down - i.e. engine is seized, flat tyre, running out of fuel etc...

  62. Nader Emeish
    Nader Emeish
    преди месец

    Gents, can you please update the podcast playlist as soon as a new podcast is uploaded? Or at least put a podcast number in the title? Would certainly make it easier for me to listen chronologically instead of having to search. Thanks and keep it up!

  63. mike walling
    mike walling
    преди месец

    not a chance man, cyclists dont give a flying fuck, pass through red lights when they want, pull out at junctions when they want... if you dont follow the rules of the road dont deserve fair treatment on them.

  64. Dan Evans (Noob Central)
    Dan Evans (Noob Central)
    преди месец

    My stance on what makes a car: whatever the absolute basic things are to make it so you can sit in it and drive it. It needs one drivers seat, a wheel, throttle, brakes, brake pedal and engine/electric motor which puts power to the wheels, and it needs to be on a chassis ofc. But that's all it needs. So long as it can move under its own steam and be operated, it is a car

  65. Bob Monkeypimp
    Bob Monkeypimp
    преди месец

    I only have a left foot. I'm an amputee so I drive a dual-clutch with the accelerator pedal adapted to the left. I should add, I always drove 3 pedals until I lost my leg. Took 1 lesson in an adapted car & had it sussed in 20 minutes. I had planned more lessons but didn't need them. My real fear was going to push the 'clutch' to the floor & realising it's actually the accelerator. That would be a disaster! Luckily/thankfully, that only happened once, in a virtually empty car park. That was when I first got the car.

  66. Samuel Richards
    Samuel Richards
    преди месец

    missing gareth from these podcasts! these are so much better without guests

  67. Jas McNee
    Jas McNee
    преди месец

    1.9 megane dynamique estate for the sub 3k tourer, cheap, great mpg, and could make a class sleeper

  68. marchutch
    преди месец

    People don’t trust computers too much..... they trust their own underdeveloped brains too much.....

  69. kimitheworm
    преди месец

    Try lane assist on a single track road...... It loses it's mind

  70. Razor's Retro Game Shelf
    Razor's Retro Game Shelf
    преди месец

    Emergency stop is dangerous! Couple of vans at work have it and you can't even let off the accelerator when someone in front of you is turning as if the sensor detects you getting too close to the vehicle, even though it's now out of the road and in a parking space, it just beeps and slams on. Stupid and dangerous, all additional driving aids are dangerous, they just make people worse drivers.

  71. Graeme Warnes
    Graeme Warnes
    преди месец

    See I’m still trying to get the control with left foot breaking. My wife however, having only ever driven a manual, got in my car which is auto and was just casually left foot breaking everywhere!! I asked her about it and her response was just “2 pedals, and I have 2 feet”. I am so jealous she literally just did it like it was nothing!!!!!

  72. Vano Scrap
    Vano Scrap
    преди месец

    Danny, talk to the BOM guys, they'll figure out how to read through those "strict rules" ;)

  73. Ryan Richardson
    Ryan Richardson
    преди месец

    The bottom of headrest the metal point is made for smashing glass works well .

    1. Bob Monkeypimp
      Bob Monkeypimp
      преди месец

      Genius! Well thought out there. My seats don't have a seperate headrest though, all in one sports seats. I guess I'm screwed if I need to break a window. 😀

  74. Martin Fitzy
    Martin Fitzy
    преди месец

    scotty kilmer likes a boot/trunk.....rev up you`re engines

  75. MtnNerd
    преди месец

    Wait left foot braking is actually a thing? My grandmother drove that way all her life because she learned to fly a plane in WWII before she learned to drive a car. She had a great driving record

  76. Phil Star
    Phil Star
    преди месец

    Still surprises me that people in the comment section don’t realise that they record 2 episodes at a time...

  77. Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname
    преди месец

    Those singer porsches are exquisit indeed probably as part of anybodys dream garage really.

  78. Kyle Waugh
    Kyle Waugh
    преди месец

    Need more CT DDC2 collaboration Sack Gareth off, there needs to be a northerner on the team to speak some sense🤣

  79. Claire Marie
    Claire Marie
    преди месец

    Jack, it sounds like your Saab is in limp mode, reduced power, needs sorting 👍

  80. Claire Marie
    Claire Marie
    преди месец

    YES JACK!! WITH THE SAAB COMMENT!! GOOD MAN!! Even better would be a Saab V6 AERO 😉 And enough with the bmw's seriously!

  81. AudiS4
    преди месец

    A cyclist twatted my wing mirror and had a go at me when I was stopped at lights. I left probably 1 metre (although I wasn't aware of the cyclist that was coming up behind me as he must of been nearly a mile back as I was stopped at the lights for a long time). I really detest when they go past all the traffic stopped at the lights and then slowly set-off in the middle of the road super slow. Arse holes.

  82. Spectre223
    преди месец

    Blocking left is generally a dick move, unless you're gonna turn left after the lights in which case I generally will to persuade them against coming up my inside. However, cyclists are the most dangerous thing on the roads in my opinion, bar none. They're a necessary evil because everyone deserves the right to personal transport of that nature and I'm dead against any kind of licensing or stuff for them, but fuck me are they a pain in the dick 90% of the time.

  83. Stekaren HD
    Stekaren HD
    преди месец

    That dude is legit the most boring person ever

  84. Bryan Benz
    Bryan Benz
    преди месец

    Hi I wanted to ask where has the Audi a2 gone

  85. Harry Curtis
    Harry Curtis
    преди месец

    As a cyclist i treat standing traffic like a motorbike and would be down the centre of the road then when seeing stalled traffic would signal and sit back in. While moving in traffic i would never undertake on the bike. I would stay behind the car in front. Motorists need to also remember the amount of potholes and drains on the left of the road which is the reasoning for allowing more room as we are easily able to crash if we hit a big pot hole.

  86. Markus Arendt
    Markus Arendt
    преди месец

    Ethan needs a roof rack for the octavia

  87. Marcel Motorzoneza
    Marcel Motorzoneza
    преди месец

    Finally someone with an Mr2 on car throttle. So happy, Sincerely, another MR2 owner

  88. Alexandru Marinescu
    Alexandru Marinescu
    преди месец

    Is it just me or does Ethan has unpaired socks? :D

  89. Joe T
    Joe T
    преди месец

    The Tesla wasn't self driving at the time apparently. The road had no lane lines and so wouldn't even have been able to be enabled.

  90. Jon Brown
    Jon Brown
    преди месец

    Can the headrest not be removed and used to smash the window from the inside?

    1. Bob Monkeypimp
      Bob Monkeypimp
      преди месец

      Depends. My car has the 'sports' seats which means the headrest is part of the seat & thus not detachable. Otherwise, of course it would work. I keep a small glass hammer in the glovebox. Cost a few quid on Ebay.

  91. Naman Singh
    Naman Singh
    преди месец

    Please do a series like project mx5 please

  92. Graham Crawley
    Graham Crawley
    преди месец

    Cycle paths have a 12mph speed limit, that's why roadies don't use them. I think cyclists should be banned on 30mph+ roads where they can't meet the speed limit.

    1. J Wallbank
      J Wallbank
      преди месец

      @Graham Crawley Hi Graham, great to hear your a cyclist aswell! I do road and cross country cycling (I love XC especially as you get away from cars). However it sounds like you might be riding in dangerous manner for you and the drivers around you. close to the kerb ( I don't know what your definition of that is but for me that's

    2. Graham Crawley
      Graham Crawley
      преди месец

      ​@J Wallbank I'm a biker my self, mostly cross country though, so I know what it's like cycling on the roads, which is why I avoid 30mph+ roads (I think you miss-read my comment on that). When I cycle on the roads I give cars priority, so I'll pull over and cycle close to the kerb, neither of which roadies do, they seem focused more on Strava times than their own safety, and I believe this is what leads to accidents and the dislike of cyclists on the roads.

    3. J Wallbank
      J Wallbank
      преди месец

      Should amateur cyclists be banned on 30mph roads aswell? only pro cyclists can ride at 30mph on a flat road! cycle paths also don't have a 12mph speed limit. we have to give way to pedestrians on shared paths which limits speed. The amount of dumb, arrogant and selfish comments about cyclists in this comment section is shocking. a lot of cyclists are car enthusiasts aswell (including me) its as if were all interested in a mechanical object (that you can repair) and like using roads to perfect cornering etc. maybe we could share the roads more safely if we respected one another a little more. (and that does go both ways)

  93. SuperProH2o
    преди месец

    50:50 I would have went for a Vauxhall Vivaro 2006

  94. Kano Weeden
    Kano Weeden
    преди месец

    getting a bit tired of Alex's rudeness :\ makes it hard to watch when the rest of the cast are lovely.

    1. Bob Monkeypimp
      Bob Monkeypimp
      преди месец

      Do you need your safe space?

  95. jack ryan
    jack ryan
    преди месец

    Cyclists are the worst road users to ever fuckin exist

  96. kris
    преди месец

    Cant help but notice ethan has odd socks on.......that seriously messes with my ocd

  97. Nuno dos Reis
    Nuno dos Reis
    преди месец

    You can reduce the distance on the adaptive cruise control up to 1 chevron.

    1. Bob Monkeypimp
      Bob Monkeypimp
      преди месец

      In Audis, 50cm is the default setting.

  98. Milo
    преди месец

    26:30 the start of left-foot braking.

    1. BenTheMighty
      преди ден


    2. Manjunatha Prabhu
      Manjunatha Prabhu
      преди 17 дни

      Thank u

    3. Nayyar Sultana
      Nayyar Sultana
      преди 25 дни

      Thank uuuuuuu

    4. slybunda
      преди 27 дни


    5. ZUZU117
      преди месец


  99. Jan Pruijser
    Jan Pruijser
    преди месец

    On the bicycle part. Crashes happen when there are big differences in speed. IF you are passing a bicycle at 60miles an hour when they are doing 20 is much different than them passing you with 5-10 when you are stationary. Don't be a dick.

  100. dr k
    dr k
    преди месец

    Jack Joy Royal Mail was a stunt! If Yiannimize said so, it must be true.......