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On this week's Car Throttle Podcast, Ethan asks an impossible question, Gareth tells us about the times he chased a giraffe, and we answer your car-buying questions!
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  1. yankee2 yankee
    yankee2 yankee
    преди 20 дни

    Answer: Old petrol cars will always exist, for recreation and as a hobby, but most or all new commercial cars will eventually be electric. When we have electrics with 200mile+ range for under £2000, the change will accelerate.

  2. Cian Nugent
    Cian Nugent
    преди 23 дни

    I was screaming Fiat 500 for ages even though it was wrong hahahaha

  3. Andrew Last
    Andrew Last
    преди 29 дни

    Petrol cars will still be around it 30 years, but as an enthusiast not public day to day driving. Fuel costs will be high as there is lower demand and the tax will be high. However, electric cars will be taxed by the same amount as a ICE car is now as the government wont want to lose the tax income fuel duty brings in.

  4. I'm not a Mechanic
    I'm not a Mechanic
    преди месец

    The dicussion on the future of petrol cars was quite good. I don't believe that petrol cars will be banned or taxed out of existence - it will be hard to make a justification to over tax ICE cars when there almost none left. Just as they dont have an issue with steam engines and trains chucking out a horrendous amount of pollution - because the numbers doing it are so small that it really doesn't matter. Even without EVs, I think cars account for something like 10% of CO2 emissions, but due to getting a huge amount of attention the industry has responded. Heating our home however is just on on the many major contributors to emissions. What will significantly reduce petrol car use in a decade or so's time will be the availability (or lack of) petrol - even if theyre still digging it out the ground, as fewer people buy it more fuel stations will stop selling it, there will be some, but when you have to drive 20 miles to fill up the practicality of the ICE car will start to be comparable to EV's a decade ago. EV's are actually likely to revive the 'car guy', because once the environemental argument is dead the next generation are unlikely to have much aversion to them!

  5. Patrick Break
    Patrick Break
    преди месец

    3 16" MacBooks. Man they must have some spare money...

  6. 峠レーシング
    преди месец

    I'm a 16 year old guy and I dont want to be driving around in some battery on wheels that doesnt make any noise,EVs have no soul compared to ICE cars,I want to feel the gear shifts,even if it's an automatic,I want to feel that vibration of the engine as I go at higher RPMs,I want to drive a REAL car

  7. 13992josh
    преди месец

    The Gareth impression omg hahaha - im thinking about lions and punching giraffe

  8. Mario Mario
    Mario Mario
    преди месец

    I'm 16 and don't want to think about the fact that they will be all electric it's just not the same and I don't have long to actually enjoy petrol cars. Me and my mates can't wait for me to get my license and drive around (as I'm the eldest)

    1. 峠レーシング
      преди месец

      Me too

  9. Mario Mario
    Mario Mario
    преди месец

    For Tony just get an S5 or GOLF GTI

  10. Matthew Bryant
    Matthew Bryant
    преди месец

    only been watching for the last few days, found the channel randomly, loving it and watched like 20 videos in that time!! you guys are awesome, keep up the great work.

  11. Sam Honiball
    Sam Honiball
    преди месец

    I love these podcasts and the channel but the whole "snowflake" attitude annoys me. The term "snowflake" is used by those who have not endured mental/physical abuse. It needs to be stamped out. The channel never address these issues as it seems to be hosted by a lot of alpha males/alpha following males (except Ethan & Jack) for the sake of a pay day. Please break the mould and be better.

  12. Ash Kharait
    Ash Kharait
    преди месец

    I know one tony and he is FAT lol

  13. Glowing Nugget
    Glowing Nugget
    преди месец

    I don’t think car people are dieing. I have found loads of friends in my class and I’m only in year 8.

  14. Victor Moraal
    Victor Moraal
    преди месец

    The car questions game, I was thinking of the Fiat 126p fairly unknown and quite cool (although kind of a shitbox)

  15. TheEnemy
    преди месец

    *cries in his punto mk2 sporting*

  16. Lewin Schädler
    Lewin Schädler
    преди месец

    Almost all car companies turning electric but dodge puts a v8 into a shopping cart

  17. KeiCar Guy
    KeiCar Guy
    преди месец

    Tell Tony what he wants is an Alfa Romeo Brera QV, 3.2 V6. Pick them up for way under budget so he can stock up on spare parts, and better looking than anything else suggested.

  18. Mic Mc
    Mic Mc
    преди месец

    Gareth talking about getting stabbed by fiberglass bringing back bad memories of working with it. That shit is like working with thousands of tiny needles

  19. LastUKEmperor
    преди месец

    nO biKe bAd

  20. LastUKEmperor
    преди месец

    5-pot Golf mk4 SCREAMS me!

  21. Thomas Rupesinghe
    Thomas Rupesinghe
    преди месец

    Thanks lads, just got to the part where you're talking about your injuries while eating my dinner 😂

  22. LastUKEmperor
    преди месец

    If I could afford to by phil I'd say :" How much do you want for him? What ever it is, it's not enough!"

  23. Matt P
    Matt P
    преди месец

    A few years ago, I got a fibreglass splinter in my thumb from a tent rod at scouts. One of the parents had to get it out with a pen knife, but he knew what he was doing so its all good.

  24. Geetarth Neo
    Geetarth Neo
    преди месец

    It is true, with the rise electric cars the car enthusiasts is a dying tribe.

  25. Rufus Thomas
    Rufus Thomas
    преди месец

    Probably a good job that young people aren't as interested in driving. Because by the time they get their license the only cars they can find will be massive stupid SUVs/cuvs which are far too much to insure

  26. Nicolaie c
    Nicolaie c
    преди месец

    Climate change is cyclical, average global temperatures have been higher in the middle ages, allegedly, and milions of years ago Antarctica used to be made of lush green forests. Just one big volcanic eruption and another Ice age might start, just like many before it. Nothing will die that isn't supposed to die, as there are many animal species that are around for millions of years, despite ages of freezing and heating up. Humans are recording written history for 8 thousand years, that's less time since the last ice age and there have been many before it. We are seing and recording a natural event that would happen with or without human intervention, albeit perhaps at a slightly slower pace. If the sun would decrease in activity slightly or if a large enough volcanic eruption would spew anough sulphur in the atmosphere, another ice age would start, and that would be much more devastating than the thawing that we are seing now. Enjoy your cars, your life and stop worrying about it.

  27. Thomas Wilcock
    Thomas Wilcock
    преди месец

    I think cars are becoming more like iPhones or a washing machine. The fact they will need replacing every couple of years as the tech moves so quick but no one talks about how wasteful that could be. I guess the end game would be car makers getting so good at recycling cars they will crush yours at the end of a lease and sell you a new one.

    1. Slide Ways
      Slide Ways
      преди месец

      Quite honestly as much as electronics get in the way, the 90s and 00s were the best decades for car longevity. I mean before then cars would start to rust to pieces well within 10 years and would be on their last legs by the 12 year mark if not sooner, and yet 02-05 plate cars will keep on chugging along with minimal issues, the cars aren't connected to wi-fi so aren't attached to a mainframe which could force you to use the dealer network, and they have standardized OBD II ports.

  28. Jan Pruijser
    Jan Pruijser
    преди месец

    "We" need to get the Z3 back on the road.

  29. Bengoddard75
    преди месец

    Learning how to drive and getting my first car is probably the most exciting thing for me coming up.... but I've loved cars since a really young age so

  30. Bengoddard75
    преди месец

    You got me so distracted searching the Internet for all sorts of bmws mainly e30s that aren't dead

  31. StewSims
    преди месец

    Great discussion of whether car enthusiasts and petrol cars will disappear. Agree with much of what's being said but really hope we can get some young people interested and excited about cars whether it be old petrol 'classics' or EVs. Ultimately it's up to as enthusiasts to encourage it and keep car events, clubs, shows etc. alive. It will be interesting to see how the car hobbyist world evolves as it is still worth a lot to the economy, but the organisations behind it will increasingly need to contribute to sustainability and be socially responsible to stay in business.

  32. Llewellyn Cass
    Llewellyn Cass
    преди месец

    Completely fascinated with Ethan's storage issues... Can we get a feature ep?

  33. Lilia Ablang
    Lilia Ablang
    преди месец

    Programmes like these, that laud the ICE are soooo not real. Only electric vehicles are of any relevance in the real world of today. Anybody thinking of buying transport can only seriously purchase electric.

    1. i have no idea.
      i have no idea.
      преди месец


  34. Jake Caruana
    Jake Caruana
    преди месец

    Enjoyed the chat and listening to you guys debating away 👍🏼👍🏼

  35. Paddling Matlock Michael davies
    Paddling Matlock Michael davies
    преди месец

    I have to go and sit in my wicked Vauxhall Corsa SXI to watch these podcasts as its the only way I can get any peace and quiet to enjoy it. Look forward to them every week. Thank you 😁😁😁

  36. Mancy
    преди месец

    I know this is CarThrottle and not BikeThrottle. But.... Don't forget that Ducatti are also researching and investing in synth-fuels

  37. Christopher Ryder
    Christopher Ryder
    преди месец

    Gareth: the largest net polluter is agriculture. Nothing even comes close

  38. _Generation_ Youth_X
    _Generation_ Youth_X
    преди месец

    I got the car second question in..: mostly cause I love the cinquecento

  39. Jack Anthony Payne
    Jack Anthony Payne
    преди месец

    The podcast are shite just make the normal videos

  40. Mark Hutchings
    Mark Hutchings
    преди месец

    Can we not talk about BMW’s for one pop cast. Loads of other decent cars.

  41. philip cheal
    philip cheal
    преди месец

    how about a maserati quattroporte for tony

  42. Dave
    преди месец

    CO2 emissions Read this... www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46455844 then watch this bgvideo.info/manage/video/fX5-1JrKuZib06k.html .004% of Air is CO2! and you know putting Nitrogen in your tyres is supposed to be better, you are aware that 78% of Air is Nitrogen🤦🏻‍♂️

  43. Kyle B
    Kyle B
    преди месец

    500 is Cinquecento! Everyone even calls them 500s

    1. Kyle B
      Kyle B
      преди месец

      Oh wow, this is the worse episode yet, Alex evidently hasn't done much research

  44. Wretched Rider
    Wretched Rider
    преди месец

    You can't compare "tinkering on steam trains" to tinkering with cars in 50 years' time. Steam trains were never produced for individual use, nor on the same mass production level as ICE cars have been for 100+ years, now. Electric vehicles make such little sense for a sustainable future, especially given how lithium is presently produced, charged, and especially what happens when they crash/catch fire. No way. Bring on that hydrogen/bio fuel, baby!!

  45. Blythard Smith
    Blythard Smith
    преди месец

    In America there is a HUGE demand for cars. It’s actually ridiculous. I live in a mountain town in Northern Georgia and I would say in the past two years or so there has been at least a 10-15% increase in the amount of “enthusiast cars” and “car enthusiasts” in my area, which has driven car prices up tremendously. There is no shortage of gas-powered cars and “enthusiasts” here in the States. But it’s a fad, and it will be interesting to see how the situation plays out.

  46. Bradley Ferguson (Ziogref)
    Bradley Ferguson (Ziogref)
    преди месец

    I'm a bit of a nerd so I can give you a hint on how much power Netflix would use. I have a Server rack in my house. It has 1 server and a handful of other equipment in it. If I use plex (Basically personal netflix) to watch something on my TV from that server. It uses bugger all power. My server rack pull approx 250-400whr of power (or 0.25Kwh to 0.4Kwh) to run either at idle or under load. So if its just me watching a video or my whole family streaming videos off my server that is a max of 0.4KwH. It just so happens that my tv also pull 0.4Kwhs. Now netflix would be using much newer servers which would be WAY more efficient. but on my scale, the CO2 output is about the same running 6 light bulbs running 24/7. I don't have issue with my power usage, as in my state we have something like 28 hydro electric dams producing our power and we export our excess green electricity.

  47. Aurimas Maldzius
    Aurimas Maldzius
    преди месец

    nightride went from 70k to 250k subs in like 3 months, my fave car chan

  48. Mark Wright
    Mark Wright
    преди месец

    Put every human on the planet into a coma and they'll still produce at least 16 billion tonnes of CO2 every year, We each exhale 2 tonnes of CO2 per year in that state, exercise etc pushes that up even more obviously.

  49. Tara Dactyle
    Tara Dactyle
    преди месец

    :) I plan on converting my 1985 corvette to an all electric motor soon, too help protect the environment from CO2

    1. Harvey White
      Harvey White
      преди месец

      @Slik Fuzion ikr 😞

    2. Slik Fuzion
      Slik Fuzion
      преди месец

      @Harvey White Well that's a classic ruined 😕

    3. Harvey White
      Harvey White
      преди месец

      Damn 😔

  50. Harvey White
    Harvey White
    преди месец

    Car for fat tony: E90 335i touring 😉

  51. Onely one
    Onely one
    преди месец

    For the one who sold their Z4 coupé, a very good sports car-esque replacement would be the Peugeot RCZ in 200hp config or then the RCZ-R with 270hp, all are 1.6 litre engines with claimed fuel economy of around 6litres/100km and even better is that I don’t think the RCZ ever came with anything other than a manual gearbox

  52. Aidan
    преди месец

    Unfortunately the car is an easy target for climate doomsdayers as stupid people can understand it yet road transport is less than 12% of co2 emissions (if you ignore lorries cars are closer to 7%).

  53. coom0004
    преди месец

    my car is 53 years old this year so is about as carbon neutral as you can get..recycling is all about us at the moment but why not cars?

  54. WingCommander Falcon
    WingCommander Falcon
    преди месец

    Farming industry is the worst offender for Carbon Dioxide and all other green house gasses

  55. Fun Tv
    Fun Tv
    преди месец

    Been here since i was 13 now i’m 18

  56. Geoff McQuade
    Geoff McQuade
    преди месец

    Im 20, and ill tell you why young people aren’t getting into cars, Insurance! we can’t modify them anymore even for a simple exhaust change is gonna cost at minimum £2000+ to insure as an 18 year old and its just not worth the amount of money in comparisons to public transport it just doesn't weigh out money wise when prices of living is so high aswell

  57. Kristen Sepp
    Kristen Sepp
    преди месец

    @Car Throttle just a heads up, your bitly buyacar link is broken, it has some strange characters at the end.

  58. OhMehGahh
    преди месец

    One hour of streaming video in 2019 produced 36g CO2 and a gallon(US) of petrol produced 8,887 grams CO2. I think that is 247 hours of Netflix per gallon. Also if a server is running on 100% green energy no additional CO2 is being produced. There is a reason cars are the ones being targeted and not Netflix and BGvideo etc. Transport remains the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, accounting for 34 per cent in 2019 and power plants in the UK are responsible for 16 per cent of all CO2 emissions in the UK and that is for everything not just powering servers.

  59. Stephen Griffiths
    Stephen Griffiths
    преди месец

    "Dab Hand with a rattle can!" will look good on a t-shirt.

  60. Stefan van der Werf
    Stefan van der Werf
    преди месец

    why dont you get Ethan to get a racing licence? It would be really cool to see the process!

  61. KasBoxer
    преди месец

    I've been on a bike since 16 with a moped then 125 at 17 and now I'm 24 doing my direct access after going thru a few cbts but it was the best thing ever! do your cbt lads!

  62. Tom Donkin
    Tom Donkin
    преди месец

    Question for you guys, following up from The conversation about streaming using up lots of energy, would you rather never drive a petrol car again OR never use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime etc...

  63. Greg D
    Greg D
    преди месец

    How we can convince this two to do CBT ?! Maybe if half of us unsubscribe ...? 😎 I'm big fan of a channel and massive car enthusiasts. Currently in the middle of DAS training. CBT was fun and it's only about 7h of your time. Just do it !

  64. VinNumber
    преди месец

    Lot's of BMW talk haha :) For older and (very) cheap cars, there brands have interesting stuff as well, such as Swedish Turbo Engines are easily tuneable and widely available such as Saab and Volvo engines. The Audi 1.8T is more expensive, in my opinion (taking typical VAG problems into consideration) is less value for money if you look for a cheap, older car that you can also tune and does not depreciate.

  65. bruh
    преди месец

    Can't go wrong with an audi s4, would be able to pick up a cracker of a car for 13k

  66. Lefteris Nalbantis
    Lefteris Nalbantis
    преди месец

    FFS guys I was having lunch at the start of the podcast.

  67. Ken Li
    Ken Li
    преди месец

    I’m a 2001 kid, nothing is more therapeutic than jumping in an manual car and shifting gears yourself at night all alone with your volume on 20

    1. Ben Watson
      Ben Watson
      преди 2 дни

      @峠レーシング Was born in 2005 too, where you're based in the world will depend. Some parts will force you to as where some won't. depends how quick they act

    2. 峠レーシング
      преди месец

      Yea I was born in 2005 ,I dont want to be driving around in some battery on wheels that doesnt make any noise, I live to feel what you and all car enthusiasts feel

  68. Alex Maddox
    Alex Maddox
    преди месец

    I've never encountered people who hate cars, they are either interested in them or they are not and they see cars as a means to an end. Maybe it's a big city thing where public transport is good enough, however, it's not in the countryside, so cars are a necessity.

  69. SimFlow 24
    SimFlow 24
    преди месец

    OMG I knew it was a Fiat before you even started talking, for some reason I thought you would say that 🤣🤣

  70. kyle reynolds
    kyle reynolds
    преди месец

    Why don’t car throttle do a premier on a podcast that way we can interact at specific times and you guys can respond ?

  71. curt the mk2 kid
    curt the mk2 kid
    преди месец

    When you look into the stats and figures, electric cars are far more damaging to the environment than petrol cars, bring in what Gareth said about Porsche investing in eco fuel (go away do some research) I think electric cars will eventually either die out and we will still have internal combustion engines or the electric car as we know it today will change.

  72. CookieGuy97
    преди месец

    You know Gareth was onto something with the servers. Not sure if you guys know about crypto mining but essentially to get bitcoins and other coins people and businesses use computer hardware to complete mathematical problems to get a coin. However most leave these computer set ups running 24/7 and a lot have warehouses loaded with them. Last I heard crypto mining was using as much power as Argentina

  73. Mr Devilman
    Mr Devilman
    преди месец

    The sheer cowardice of not not wanting to ride a bike is incredibly! It would make them more aware of what other road users go through and make them better drivers but they're too frightened. Bless them 🤣

  74. VortexHD Gaming
    VortexHD Gaming
    преди месец

    My opinion for tony was to suggest A Volkswagen Passat R36. 320bhp, £12,400 on autotrader and very good mpg

  75. Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison
    преди месец

    I think until Electric cars are more affordable to buy petrol cars aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

  76. Ricer84 D
    Ricer84 D
    преди месец

    Yes. Synthetic fuels.

  77. Chad Johnson
    Chad Johnson
    преди месец

    Dude, I bow hunt big-game in Texas, and field-dress these animals without squirming. But as soon as somebody mentions a horrid bloody injury to their body or somebody else's, I feel sick and week. I don't understand it, but I hate seeing or hearing about mangled human wounds. I should have skipped that bit.

  78. Sean K
    Sean K
    преди месец

    You have got to be kidding me.. Backing out of riding bikes.. WTF Ethan & Jack.. I'm sure the instructor can teach you guys how to sit on the bike so your skirts don't blow up in the wind. Wow. You guys are really that afraid of an accident on a bike.. Are you afraid the sky might fall also? Yes accidents happen. So learn to ride safe and learn to read what traffic is doing so you don't have one. I don't know why I'm watching this anymore.

  79. MoistGoat
    преди месец

    On the subject of electric cars, I don't see how they wouldn't tax them eventually. Just because of moving to electricity doesn't necessarily mean its any better for climate change, and I'd in fact argue it's more detrimental because of the electricity and resources that it'll require to create these vehicles with the technology they have and I also suspect there will be more waste due to how manufacturers make it difficult (which will probably get even harder) to fix diesel/petrol cars today without having device yourself, or expensive to have someone else do (labour charges will probably rise with how long it takes to change anything). Let alone the cost of buying one initially be it used or not; the batteries alone aren't cheap. Ultimately these cars will just be too expensive compared to what we're accustom to. Oh and people are incapable of looking after the cars we have today, and aren't trustworthy enough to be behind the wheel of a car that can do lane assist. I think it's silly that we're seeing electric cars as a solution, yet the way in which they're made don't really change much in the grand scheme of things, if anything at all.

  80. Tim
    преди месец

    me, learning to drive with no money for a nice, safe, comfortable car: 90’s shitbox noises

  81. Riaan Bresler
    Riaan Bresler
    преди месец

    I disagree Trucks cars and bikes will still be built for many years to come at least for another 100 years because there isn’t any viable solutions for countries like Australia and good ol South Africa etc , where 1000 plus kilometer journey get done daily by 1000’s of people !

  82. dazayit brittle
    dazayit brittle
    преди месец

    Christ man those stories were making feel all funny man.

  83. mycathunghimself
    преди месец

    New challenge, cheapest thug car

  84. Michiel Voetberg
    Michiel Voetberg
    преди месец

    45:40 Question: Are car guys a dying breed. In the civil engineering world, road design currently is a hot topic. Lots of cities are willing to cut down on car dependency and invest in cycling and public transport. Cars are here to stay, but over the last few decades car dependency has wrecked cities and this needs to change. We need to give people options for transport, not let everybody rely on cars.

  85. Nasty business.
    Nasty business.
    преди месец

    What muppet would except the the outright ban on petrol cars ? No more classics? Rubbish

  86. Jake Jones
    Jake Jones
    преди месец

    Do you think car insurance is killing off young car enthusiasts? I have 7 years NCB and it's still a painful ordeal to get insured on something RWD

  87. Mitchell Mifflin
    Mitchell Mifflin
    преди месец

    I love this, during my 8th period class every tuesday, my teacher is pretty chill so while i'm working he lets me just put. headphones on and listen to this. Thanks for making school a little less boring!

  88. The Haz Anator
    The Haz Anator
    преди месец

    More Z3 videos!!

    преди месец

    guys i"m selling my saab 9.3 est in blk the same as jacks but manuel,are you interested in being like jack!!ethans gash is epic!!also got beemer wheels for sale/20.15 buy an old is200....you wont break it...

  90. Vano Scrap
    Vano Scrap
    преди месец

    nice debate at the end. Could've been much longer. But needed more facts :)

  91. Tom Forrest
    Tom Forrest
    преди месец

    aah what a depressing end to the podcast I wish the world governments wouldn't be so harsh on Co2 emissions for vehicles when they barely affect the world at all... ill keep driving my 6.0 V8 for now...

  92. Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody
    преди месец

    In much of the world electric cars just aren't practical. You can carry extra petrol in jerry cans, you can't carry extra electricity.

  93. Razor's Retro Game Shelf
    Razor's Retro Game Shelf
    преди месец

    Fibreglass shards are the worst

  94. Ox Uluç Özcan
    Ox Uluç Özcan
    преди месец

    I though it was a Fiat Uno or Tipo

  95. kieren mooney
    kieren mooney
    преди месец

    Salvage rebuilds uk is a channel worth looking at

  96. CragSide
    преди месец

    Some topics were "deep" this week.... balls deep in fact! still another great podcast!

    преди месец

    not RWD, not 4WD. Ethan : SUPAACAR??

  98. AJCgolf
    преди месец

    It’s really a disgrace how the world is demonising cars as the major cause of climate change, when climate change isn’t even fully accepted in the academic community! There’s plenty of evidence to support the natural rising and cooling of global temperatures that never gets brought up in the war on cars. For 300 years Europe experienced a rise in temperature known as the medieval warm period, where grapes were grown in England it was that warm. This was followed by 360 years of unusually harsh winters and wet summers, known as the little ice age. All this was between 950ad and 1680, long before the car ever came along

  99. Connor Kasnik
    Connor Kasnik
    преди месец

    Hello! LONG time view of this channel. Absolutely love these podcasts and look forward to them every week, truly I do. My question is, this episode was only 59mins long. Is that because you guys just wanted to in the conversation and stop the podcast or being of network or other limitations??? Personally I would love it to be about and hour and a half or so. The impulsive podcast does a good job with length. Loving the podcast keep it up!! I may be 1% of people thinking this but just wanted to share because I love it so much!

  100. SumkindaHuman
    преди месец

    14:08..... Anyone else catch that?